….are energy centers of the body. Knowledge of them originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC, so it’s not New Age theory. Since I’m going through an extremely rough patch right now, I make a point of meditating on my chakras most days, as it beings me peace and awareness of things I can control. I use this 15-minute session, and  it makes a world of difference.

As a violinist and lover of all things science, I noticed an intriguing thing: the frequencies (musical notes) associated with the chakras are associated with the most “pure” musical scale – the one with no sharps or flats – all “natural” notes, which is C Major. Starting with the most “base” chakra – in your genitals – and moving up through all seven – they play a C scale – C- D – E – F – G – A – up to the crown, B. One octave, when you include the tonic (starting note ) of C! Note that knowledge of the chakras pre-dates Western music, which certainly did not exist in India.

Each chakra also has a color associated with it, starting with Red (genitals) – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – up to the crown, Violet. Sound familiar? Roy G. Biv? Yes, the colors of the rainbow!

Which begs the question – is knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum – sound and light – found within us, in our energy centers? Perhaps there’s much more to be known and understood.




…….is a ghost. Seen in the corner of the eye. It’s talked about in whispers in fear of scaring it away, or that it might think you actually believe in it, when it laughs at your naïveté. 

It dresses as a ghost, in translucent gauze, insubstantial and startling. It teases, the topic of heated discussions about its existence. Sightings are compared among the wild-eyed and shell-shocked.

It angers and inflames. Lies constantly. Needs no one. Mocks your needy weakness. Exploits vulnerability. Confuses and miscommunicates. 

It dissipates when you turn on lights or worship it. 

It brushes your cheek, but when you grasp for more, you catch air. Not real, yet not a fable. You believed in it once or twice, and it laughed in your face. 

It makes you bitter for wanting it, hating yourself for needing it. 

It looks at you lasciviously, yet will never touch you. It makes you wet and laughs at your need to pleasure yourself instead. 

It fucks you with words and promises. You fall for it.

Like a wild animal, it will never come closer to you. You entice it with food, yet comes only when your back is turned. 

It lingers when you pretend to not give a shit. It will spend the night with you only when you sleep and need nothing.

~Lucy Len


Sexual Healing

Lisa Ling has a series on CNN where she explores different cultures and lifestyles. This coming Sunday, Oct. 1st, her episode Sexual Healing premiers. She said in a short interview on CNN just now that we are all sexual beings. Every aspect of our lives is affected in some way by our own sexuality – how we express it, how we accept or reject it – is played out in surprising ways. A concept I completely agree with.

In this new episode she explores tantric sex, as well as someone who is a “sex surrogate;” a therapist who engages in the sex act with their client with the intent to educate and provide therapy, who presumably has a hurdle they need to overcome.

So much of exploring one’s self takes us on the path of sexuality. I believe it is the seat of all of our passions and desire to live a juicy life. Yet there is so much shame around it. So many are afraid of their own selves, of what dark entity they’ll find.

I will definitely be watching, and am gratified that this is on a major network and not hidden on a porn channel in shame.

Your Own Hotline To Wisdom – Right Now

All the wisdom we need is within ourselves. If we need knowledge outside of our understanding or experience, we’ll be lead to who – or whatever can teach us.

Jamie Catto

The two ways that we tend to access the wonderful, illuminating and inspiring wisdom and peace we humans are so capable of is either through someone else who, perhaps long ago, dared to get themselves into such a state of empty receptivity and deep listening that a blast of utter clarity and truth came through them and they wrote it all down (or told it to those who could hear it – and those guys wrote it down as best they could). Later on, maybe millions of people were so touched and nourished and switched on when they read this wisdom that they decided ‘this is it!’ and maybe even became scholars of that message, teaching it to more and more people and making it their life’s passion to share it with as many as possible. Hence Religions and ‘paths’ with priests, academics, and experts….even hierarchies. I’m not writing them…

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Story is Irrelevant to the Photo, But Let’s See What I Can Do

Shit. Am taking a break from “career enhancement,” aka learning about digital marketing. It all began in late 2015 when I bought my domain name and set about building the website. For the record, I have had no paid help in any of this. But in the web of the digital world, it all starts with discovering one expert who shares basic how-to for free. One day in Fall of 2016, I discovered a guy who ran a multi-day virtual summit. I think it went on for 2 weeks. He interviewed at least 20 top-of-the-game digital marketing experts. The interview videos were available for free for 24 hours after they were live.

Have you ever stumbled over something that commanded your attention, your brain explodes in multiple colors? That was my reaction to this virtual summit. This is to be the next phase of my life.

I immersed myself in the videos while they were still free; on average about 90 minutes each. I took notes and recorded names. My list of mentors exploded.

I subscribed to these experts via email to get expert advice delivered to my inbox. From the original sources, I’ve expanded my network of sources. Digital marketing gurus generously share knowledge for free as a marketing strategy, so I took advantage of it.

Meanwhile, my website got built (for me, it’s been like me building a car with zero knowledge of mechanics, but there’s Google and YouTube!).

I am determined.

This business it a perfect fit for me, as if everything I’ve done up till now has lead me to it. It’s a huge tuna that will not be the fish that got away for something stupid like using the wrong size harpoon.

By the end of spring 2017, I had accumulated perhaps too much info. I have a pretty good idea of how it all works, but what about me? Where the fuck should I start?

That’s been my struggle during the summer now. Having been in sales for several years, I know different things work for different people. Your personality sets the vibe of your business. My copious notes are in this huge pink binder from probably 50 different successful digital marketers. I’ve paid for none of it, either!

So how to make it all relevant to my goals? Who knows –  it’s all useful, but even I know you have to stop studying and start doing. So I happened to find a mentorship and support network – at an affordable price (such networks are usually extremely expensive – typically thousands of $s). So I joined it a couple of weeks ago. The car’s in drive and I’m hittin’ the gas.

Now back to the photo. To make a suit of armor, one starts with the burning desire, mentors or tutorials, advice on tools and setting up your own workshop – then finally actual metal. You’re gonna suck at first. You’re gonna hammer your thumb, the holes won’t line up, it’ll look stupid once you finish it, if you ever do. But you get better, keep at it until it looks the way you want it.

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