Rock School

Walked into a rock school yesterday, find out what’s up there. They don’t teach violin, just the usual band instruments.

I play violin, need to learn rock, how to play my electric? A guitar teacher could do it, right?

Talked to the owner – supposed to get back to me, find someone for me.

The fact that I can’t find anyone to teach me rock violin is good and bad at the same time. There’s obviously a huge need for rock violin teachers . But I need a mentor first! The fact that I can’t find one anywhere near me – in spite of being pretty well-connected in the string player world – says all I need to know why I must do this.

If they can’t help me out here at the rock school I have a plan C.

Plan A had to be shelved for this year sadly for a couple of non-negotiable reasons.

Plan B is this school.

Plan C is a guitar teacher at one of the school where I teach. If she can’t help me, still it gets the word out.

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