Notes On My Own Lesson Tonight – Oh My!

Continued working on bowing technique. Needs a lot of concentration. My teacher teaches the way I like to be taught – patient, positive feedback, encouraging.

The challenge is to flatten my hand at the end of the up-bow. feel the energy from the back of my arm, concentrate on string vibration. At the bow change, flip my wrist in the opposite direction and basically reverse the up-bow process.

All very cool, but is a complicated thing where everything should work together, but doesn’t!

Pissed-off me.

Also worked on vibrato – third finger is perfect, second less so, first stinks. Fourth? Eh. Worked on sustaining vibrato through finger changes and various bowing patterns. Requires total concentration.

I told her I like to play Albinoni’s Adagio when practicing, since it requires all the above stuff. We played it together from memory, which was so cool! And – she said, look at this…….there was a copy of the Adagio sitting on top of some of her music. We looked at it, as the cadenza in my copy is slightly different than everyone’s on YouTube (and hers).

As always, I left feeling I’ve accomplished a few steps closer to my goals. So much of violining is counter-intuitive. My teacher said it’s a bottomless well; one will never arrive at the point of mastery.

Which is fine with me. I tend to get bored with anything easily conquered.

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