Rehearsal Tonight

was spent on the Mendelssohn violin concerto the whole time, minus the soloist. Can’t speak for anyone else, but think I actually made a positive contribution to the orchestra for a change.

This is the orchestra where I am principal second, so am exposed and under the conductor’s gaze. Tonight was the first time I think I knew what I was doing, and feel damn good about that. I attribute that to lots of practice over the weekend. Yay me.

Maybe it’s because the concerto is more playable than B4 (Beethoven’s 4th) but the orchestra sounded much more cohesive tonight, even though the principal viola and cello and the concertmaster were out.

As a side note, for my practice today, am continuing as usual on vibrato and bowing. See some progress with both, although my first finger vibrato still sucks. And the new bowing I am working on is far from second nature. Left on its own, my brain reverts back to its old ways of doing shit.

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