Where Do I Go Next?

Ok, my mind is never far from three of the things I consider necessities – one, to play in a kick ass orchestra. What do I consider kick ass? They have national attention = famous. I do not seek fame, but I do seek the heady level where fame is found. Competition is stiff, am studying with the right teacher for me at the moment. She knows my goals. If she says jump, I ask where’s the cliff. My intent is to prepare to audition for increasingly higher level orchestras. Am already Principal Second violin in one orchestra as a start.

Two, to play in a recording studio orchestra. The idea of playing in a techie environment for, say, a movie track, seems so…I don’t know……important. Then when the movie comes out, knowing I played for the soundtrack……would make me so full of myself. Trying to temper my enthusiasm and gloating, maintaining a humble exterior. How to get there? Practice…..and make use of connections I have yet to meet or know of.

Three, play in pit orchestras. Things have changed over the past 10 or so years. Used to be a lot easier to get a seat on Broadway when orchestras had deeper pockets, and there were more of them. As the economy tanked, so did funding for orchestras. Broadway (and Off-Broadway, as well as in other cities around the country) became very attractive to musicians left out in the cold. It used to be considered a grunt gig, playing the same damn thing night after night after night. I would give anything to know what being jaded feels like. I know the process…..join the local musician’s union, then get on a sub list. Again, I need insider connections. Which will cross my path.

Am publishing my intentions here to make them known. Ya hear that, Universe?!

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