I Always Wanted To…….

It seems that nearly everyone I meet, when the inevitable question comes up, what do you do? and I say, violin, follows with a variation of, I always wanted to play violin, or I used to play violin (or other instrument).

My adult students, to a person, tell me some version of, I’ve always wanted to learn to play violin and am excited to be finally making time for it. 

That word – always – pops up whenever someone tells me about their unmanifested passions. Passion is what VB is all about, so I’m your girl.

I don’t know of one person with a burning passion to do something – straight from the bucket list – who hasn’t had that desire their entire life, or for as long as they remember. For sure, there are things we all want to do that came up today, last week, last year. But those lifetime dreams just never go away. We shove their inconvenient asses into a closet, but damn them, they find ways to open the door.

And harass us in creative ways until they become proverbial 600-pound gorillas that everyone but ourselves can see.

My first burning passion? I remember telling my parents around age 5 that I wanted to be a poet. And I did. It’s not the main thing I do, but it has its place. It’s lead me to so many interesting people and places.

So what am I getting at? Ignoring your passions is a total, complete waste. They will never go away. The world needs what you do. And in the doing you will have the biggest blast of your life.

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