Strange how profound ideas often come to me while doing my face in the morning.

Today it was if you’re not happy with the state of things in your life, you’ve likely been living out someone else’s expectations.

Who knows where that came from. Was thinking of where I was, am, and going. How did I end up living such an alias of myself? Expectations of others. 

In my Facebook timeline, this shows up: Nine Choices Your Future Self Will (Definitely) Regret:

1. Letting other people shape your world – HA!

2. Sticking to your bad old habits

3. Giving up

4. Hiding your real self behind a mask

Those who know me might tell me – if they were sufficiently arrogant – that now I am trying to prove         something by identifying with, I don’t know, Joan Jett? since this obviously isn’t me. The reality?             That is the real me. Not the Lucy that is visible.

5. Constantly waiting for the right time

6. Tolerating negative energy

7. Striving to control every little thing

8. Not taking care of your health

9. Being lazy

Mirror, mirror.

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