Not Fun Anymore

Am finding new ways to procrastinate lately to avoid practicing. No time to play just for fun lately. This is when the serious shit kicks in, when I need to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing.

In the zone of pissed-off-ness, and questioning, and constant reminding myself of why I’m doing this, and…and…and…

Dealing with difficult music. But the feeling of elation after the concert, and at my own lesson next week is motivation enough.

Most urgent this week and next is practicing the Monday night orchestra stuff. We have one more rehearsal before the concert! And you already know from my Monday post how I felt about my playing.

Only solution is make practice a priority, not after finishing my to-do list, or blogging (ok, I will concede to that, but has to be done in less than 15 minutes).

Today – sitting down with my part and listening to B4, Egmont, and Mendelssohn while following the music, not playing, just following. I can play it –  it’s the entrances that bug me out. As section leader, that is the one thing I cannot bomb.

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