i need to write about trust – have been trying to get it right for two hours, so instead of getting uptight about wording, how about just dumping my naked thoughts and let them sort themselves out into something coherent. I’ve learned to trust:

my inner voice – everything external to me can appear ridiculously wrong, but that doesn’t matter

the process – to get from where I was to my ultimate way of being is just crazy insane – imagine for example if Joan Jett used to be a wallflower – who would believe that? But that’s my journey

needed things will come to me in due time – the universe is incredibly creative this way

reminders that things don’t happen MY way – oh, that ego of mine!

the unconventional is the greatest – because that’s where real living happens

Came across this today – it is SO appropriate for the Violin Bitch:


I am not

all good and light,


I have bad




this is who

I am.


I am not

all bad, I



kind, and


 I have so

much love

and light

to share,

This is who

I am.

Life is about creating balance, not suppressing your good, and not suppressing your bad, for one cannot exist without the other; embrace them equally.

My opinion? We shouldn’t judge any part of ourselves as good or bad. It just is. We need to observe our parts impartially. Once we judge, we condemn. I believe we need to trust all of ourselves and learn from the darker parts. “Dark” is a judgement, and why do I consider some parts dark, anyway?

No one is more of a paradox than me, in so many ways. Now am trusting and loving my dark parts as they crawl out of their repressive holes and assert themselves naughtily mightily.

.2014-10-25 09.50.13

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