Funky Stuff

I didn’t write a new post yesterday. Lucy wanted to take me clothes shopping.

She took me into stores I’ve never been – funky, goth, rock vibes.

First store: was relieved to see another middle aged chick looking at clothes. K, I can do this.

A little backstory – the role model that my inner whore chose is Joan Jett. So imagine my surprise and hilarity when there in front of me was a rack of nothing but Joan Jett’s clothing line. I had no idea the chick has clothing, but what the hell. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I truly believe that once we unleash our authentic selves into the world, the universe helps out. Seems maybe we were all created with a purpose; life needs our unique set of gifts or something.

Whatever, is a wonderful thing.

So I bought this:

2014-11-08 10.39.28

and a couple of other things. Then to a shoe store for some red Van’s:

2014-11-08 10.39.56

for some sassy color in contrast to all black.

I asked Lucy if she was paying for all this shit. She said turn her loose in the world and she will help my income stream.

Hold on for da ride of your life……..

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