Just a post to dump ideas that pop in my head as they come.

1)     When students accomplish something, they get to play my electric violin. But, do I want to be lugging another instrument around? As it is I lug a violin AND viola on Saturdays.

2)     Which wouldn’t be an issue with my own music school.

3)     Speaking of which, what are my options for that? There’s lots of room in my house, but no parking. And neighbors close by. I had an aha moment many years ago when entering this particular studio. Perfect place. I should take a pic of it and post it here, a wild dream, or what?

4)     Time management. I used this grid today to find time for everything I think I need to do in order to get to where I want to go – things as they stand right now.

5)   Is funny – this year’s story turned out to be a completely different book than what I planned for 2014. Much, much better in every possible way. If only I could write here all the good things that turn me on and light me up.

6)     The purpose of going to the “camp” this summer is to learn rock/metal violinning in order to bring it to students. Where? How? That is the question. First, learn it myself. Am asking questions with no answers yet, but anticipating the need to know. It’s a leap of faith and hard to not have all the answers yet.

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