Every couple of months for 10 or 15 years I have had recurring dreams that go like this:

I enter a house that I own (icompletely different in every dream). Walk through rooms that are familiar to me, but then it gets strange –

Someone, never anyone I know in real life, a realtor-type person,takes me through an interior doorway, or up or down a staircase, trap door, whatever, and I enter a part of my house I have never seen before.

It’s beautiful in every recurrence of the dream, breathtaking, realizing this all belongs to me. Usually the part I have never seen till then was larger than the part I knew. Sometimes it’s room upon room furnished opulently. In one dream it was an empty concrete cellar with cobwebs. Even so, I was filled with ideas of what that room could be used for. I was always astounded to know that all these rooms have been wasted and unappreciated for such a long time.

In another dream it was a little cabin on top of a flat-roofed building I owned.

Whatever version, I was left with a kind of euphoric feeling after waking up. And as far as I know, these dreams always woke me up when they were done. But the joy was very real as I discovered room after room after beautiful room, because it was all mine. And I was never doing anything other than just walking through the houses.

I know my brain was trying to tell me something important, but have been stumped all along as to what. What specifically should I be doing that I’m not? I still don’t know, but………

I realized this morning that there have been no recurrences in several months, maybe as long as a year. And I wonder if it was Lucy aka VB aka my real self, trying to tell me there is more to me than what I think I know, my reality is larger than I think.

I think she finally got pissed at my density and said oh for fucks sake! and set things up.

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