This Little Place

I had been inside this little place years ago when a friend of mine had a bridal shop:

2014-12-31 11.39.03 HDR

2014-12-31 11.38.46 HDR

2014-12-31 11.37.02 HDR

At the time, I got this strange feeling about the place – familiar like it belonged to me. This was at least ten years ago. It seemed like the perfect place to have a music studio.

Sunny with lots of windows, just really good vibes.

Have been thinking about it today after getting to the page in my 2015 planner (see yesterday’s post) that asks What does my business look like in 2015? So I went today to take some pictures.

Answer: It looks like this. Can you just imagine excited students piling in and out? Rock band rehearsals. Electric and acoustic violin lessons. Maybe bring in guitar, drum, keyboard teachers.

Just think!

If I Ever Think I’m Nuts

I found this article by Henry Miller addressing what VB is about:

Henry David Thoreau found Walden. But Walden is everywhere, if the [woman herself] is there. Walden has become a symbol. It should become a reality. Thoreau himself has become a symbol. But he was only a man, let us not forget that. By making him a symbol, by raising memorials to him, we defeat the very purpose of his life. Only by living our own lives to the full can we honor his memory. We should not try to imitate him but to surpass him. Each of us has a totally different life to lead. We should not strive to become like Thoreau, or even like Jesus Christ, but become what we are in truth and in essence. That is the message of every great individual. To be anything less is to more nearer to nullity.

I realize that a post about the past and an old dead guy clashes with the VB vibe, but Thoreau was a cool individualist whom I have long admired. And I need a reminder now and then that being an authentic individualist is something of which he would approve.

Planning 2015

For the fourth or fifth year, I’m using this book to plan my immediate future:

2014-12-29 09.07.42 HDR

I’ve never had more fun with it as I have this time. What’s different? It’s completely uncensored. I’m not holding back on any aspect of it, from my list of 10 things to do when life gets sucky, to affirmative phrases about myself, to what I really want to happen in 2015. All utterly authentic, honest, completely raw, ribald, and earthy.

True Violin Bitch all the way!


Just a few things, nothing earth-shattering! Have been in quiet mode since Christmas.

Never left the house at all yesterday, and today only to to the the local mall to return that purple hair stuff that didn’t work for me, and looked around in some stores. I always do this alone, as I enjoy my own company – I get to go where I want and for how long.

I get something out of watching people, how they’re paired up, conversations in stores, their manner of dress, the opinions of friends, dressing room discussions.

I like going where my self tells me to, hey that looks interesting – check it out!

Have started on my 2015 workbook and planner. This year turned out nothing like my big ideas said it should. It was far better. I am super excited about taking my teaching career in an exciting and totally new direction, just for starters.

I have weeded out and added to my “posse.” I allow only positive energy to surround me. The Violin Bitch is discerning; a side benefit of this blog is to flush out my understanding and supportive friends.

I intend to be someone who serves the world with my gifts, enthusiastically.



I was determined to get my playlist updated before the weekend was over. And I did. No help whatsoever from tech support – two days ago I posted a question to the authors of the theme of this blog. And am still waiting for a response.

The techie guy on the “chat” line was no help either. But he did say he thought the Bitch’s Playlist was funny. Yeah….just fix my playlist.

After a couple of hours I figured it out my own damn self. Determination! Turns out there’s a little box that by default loads an audio player for each song you upload into the playlist. Well, that ain’t right! So I tried another option, to create a media link, something like that. 

It worked!!

Enjoy the Bitch’s playlist…..a sweet collection of electric violin music.


……a polite word for the state of being pissed off. And I have been so so there lately. Having a little taste of things to come musically…..and really digging it…..without the ability to do it, yet.

Classical bores me anymore. I never really have enjoyed listening to it in my adult life, still don’t. Only time I listen to it is if it’s something I’m working on. But since embracing Lucy and electric/rock/metal violin, a door has opened – all I want to do is jump in recklessly.

Am pissed because nothing is happening fast enough. All happens in its proper time, but I want want want. I want to do a VB exposition, but changes I need to make to my playlist won’t take. I want to be da Bitch, but it’s a process, considering where I’m coming from.

So I do what I can – rehearsal tonight for Christmas Eve and Day – boring, but  went dressed by Lucy. Felt very very good.

I don’t think there’s any more vexing thing than to have a taste of something but having to wait for it. It has been happening to me a lot lately, and I am tired, mad, fed up about it. Pissed doesn’t even begin to describe my mood.

Black Hole

My plan this week was to send VB into the world but there are a bunch of new rock violin tunes that need to be uploaded to my playlist. And it just won’t work no matter what I try.

Tech support sent me a link to the place where I can edit my playlist, but it’s the same page that I’ve been in several times already.

They also sent me a link for specialized support for my particular style of blog, where I posted the question. Still waiting on an answer.

Sometimes it does seem that negative forces are at work to challenge us. I will get to the bottom of it!

I only need to be shown anything once, and I’ll get it. But trying to get that!

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