Practice Dungeon

Got this idea to document my playing progress since resuming lessons of my own, by videoing a couple of minutes of my daily practice. I want to share how frustrating it is, and maybe even a little humorous, as I like to have a good laugh too.

These are not intended to be instructional. There are tons of those already out there. I want to share a really private part of the process of sucking at various particular violin techniques, and what it takes to fix them.

These are my “dungeon” since it is a dark and scary place where no one ever enters.

Here, I am trying to perfect my vibrato to be consistent in all 4 fingers. Obvious in the vid, only my 2 middle fingers are working properly. The 2 outer fingers are more difficult because they hit the strings at more awkward angles (due to the hand and finger structure).

The other thing I am working on is keeping the vibrato going without stopping when I change fingers, and change bow direction. All looks like it should be easy – but is definitely not!

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