Dirty Dancing

By chance, found it playing on tv last night. Have only watched it maybe 50 times, but it had been awhile.

I really believe what’s inside us – or the universe – something – causes things to happen when there’s unfinished business.

Well, my takeaway from watching it this time pointed out some stuff that has risen to my frontal lobes lately:

nothing great is accomplished without a partner

both partners totally believing in each other is an unstoppable force

you will do your greatest good when you have a FUCK IT attitude and demand your right to express it

you will likely have to defy others’ expectations and go one step further by airing yourself out in order to give them a chance to accept and appreciate your reality….although acceptance, while sweet, is not a requirement

and at the end, you will set the world on fire –  I mean, take a look at those little old fur-clad ladies stripping off their stoles, giggling like girls, the cold bitches laughing and kicking off their shoes, while Johnny and Baby are just doing their THING.


===>>> Those poor schmucks in the background have no idea what’s about to hit them.

I just sat there mesmerized. Like seeing something for the first time. That click as another Lego snaps into place. This is what I am supposed to be doing. Shake up my world, wake people up, bring them together, make them surprise themselves. Make ’em feel giddy. Make ’em feel good about themselves.

How exactly? That hasn’t been revealed to me yet. All I know, it involves rock/heavy metal and electric violin. And Lucy. That’s all I know so far. As in most journeys, we are only told the next step.

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