Just a few things, nothing earth-shattering! Have been in quiet mode since Christmas.

Never left the house at all yesterday, and today only to to the the local mall to return that purple hair stuff that didn’t work for me, and looked around in some stores. I always do this alone, as I enjoy my own company – I get to go where I want and for how long.

I get something out of watching people, how they’re paired up, conversations in stores, their manner of dress, the opinions of friends, dressing room discussions.

I like going where my self tells me to, hey that looks interesting – check it out!

Have started on my 2015 workbook and planner. This year turned out nothing like my big ideas said it should. It was far better. I am super excited about taking my teaching career in an exciting and totally new direction, just for starters.

I have weeded out and added to my “posse.” I allow only positive energy to surround me. The Violin Bitch is discerning; a side benefit of this blog is to flush out my understanding and supportive friends.

I intend to be someone who serves the world with my gifts, enthusiastically.


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