If I Ever Think I’m Nuts

I found this article by Henry Miller addressing what VB is about:

Henry David Thoreau found Walden. But Walden is everywhere, if the [woman herself] is there. Walden has become a symbol. It should become a reality. Thoreau himself has become a symbol. But he was only a man, let us not forget that. By making him a symbol, by raising memorials to him, we defeat the very purpose of his life. Only by living our own lives to the full can we honor his memory. We should not try to imitate him but to surpass him. Each of us has a totally different life to lead. We should not strive to become like Thoreau, or even like Jesus Christ, but become what we are in truth and in essence. That is the message of every great individual. To be anything less is to more nearer to nullity.

I realize that a post about the past and an old dead guy clashes with the VB vibe, but Thoreau was a cool individualist whom I have long admired. And I need a reminder now and then that being an authentic individualist is something of which he would approve.

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