From the 2015 Planner: A Day in my Biz

Finished my goal – setting and planning (loosely) for 2015. Here is a look at a day in my biz:

I would have a studio – see previous post on that.

Students and parents are excited about being a part of my biz, electric violin, rock, etc

I have to hire several teachers – guitar, keyboard, drums (I could easily find such people) to cover all band instruments

There are several groups that rehearse weekly – rock orchestra, small band, funky electric Renaissance stuff. The possibilities are endless. Anything classical can be electrified and made cool.

I have at least 100 students.

I would need a few employees to handle things I suck at – accounting, scheduling, etc.

Last question: how do I feel? Winning-the-lottery-jackpot excited to see how my little dream is changing lives, seeing kids excited about music, making friends; I feel incredibly gratified about it all.

Now to put wheels on my dream:

Am expecting to learn most of what I need to this summer, not only playing rock, experiencing the experience, how to bring this to students, the down and dirty of doing it.

Meanwhile, continuing with my own lessons to remove limits in my playing ability.

Lastly, come up with a biz name. Good Vibes would be perfect, except it’s already taken – by a company that sells vibrators Of course!

Nothing is happening fast enough!

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