are hard. In orchestral music, they are probably the most-rehearsed sections of symphonies – transitions of keys, time signatures, rhythms.

In life, the most turbulent times.

In either case, you’re going along – maybe for years – in the groove, repeating familiar themes, comfortable and secure. Your brain on autopilot.

Then whatever happens – something that destroys the status quo. Could be anything.

The Violin Bitch’s journey is all about transitions. Difficult, yeah. Frightening, yep. But the only path to real life.

My only intention – to be absolutely authentic – not necessarily the same thing as being honest. I can lie through my teeth to the world in general for protection. Real means not pretending to be someone/something I am not.

Back to transitions. A conscious choice between keeping friends or keeping myself. There are some who have decided they really don’t like me, or believe my real self is fake – when the reverse is true – or believe I have some kind of subversive agenda.

And the fact that I’m perfectly fine with all this – giddy in fact – appears to some like rhetoric or false bravado.

Lucy bitch can’t be trusted.

She’s delusional.

She’s doing it for attention.

She’s gonna regret it and feel like a fool when it all goes wrong.

She’s let people down – of course she has – she’s refusing anymore to let herself down in order to please others.

She’s lost the plot.

She’s acting out of character.

I’ve been told all this in the past month alone.

Anger, resentment, jealousy thrown at me.  And that’s ok.

Everything that matters to me….. I already have.

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