Red Sneakers Day

Have never been the focus before of such rage as during the past three or so weeks.

Heard of this happening to others – being ditched by friends for changing and being happy about it.

Some people freak out. They fight you, dump you, resent you, hurl shit at you.

It is hard to deal with in a way – sad because I try my best to help others understand the process so they can learn and do the same.

It seems that those who need to learn the process most who also refuse to listen.

I completely understand the rage is directed towards themselves, and when a friend changes for the better it is a reminder of one’s own inadequacies and perceived failures.

I get it, totally. But I cannot stop my process/journey to preserve relationships with anyone who is only happy with my unenlightened self.

So I shall just put on my red sneakers and get on with the day.

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