The past 5 days have just slid by since my last post.

I get my Lucy on every chance I get. Easing into her, feels almost natural to be my real self. Not every situation is right so I dress conservatively when I have to, like for my job.

I’ve mostly overcome my shyness to the point where it’s not debilitating like it used to be in my way younger times, but is still a retreat of choice if I allow it.

So it feels good to not be noticed so much as my real self. If everyone made a big deal of it, even positively, would be embarrassing. I love being the center of attention when I want to, like on stage, things like that feel very comfortable to me, like I belong there. But unexpected attention isn’t always something good for me.

Anyway, I’ve been finding little things to wear that make me feel good. A leather dog collar bracelet, wicked. Equally wicked, these really long funky silver earrings. All cheap buys but make me smile like fuck.

I think the time has come for me to get very familiar with my electric violin, as within a few months we have to send in audition videos for rock orchestra camp, and I want to earn the highest level spot that I can.

All for now, later!

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