Serendipity – Twice

Two entries in one day – what the fook??

I really believe that when you commit to living your life without holding back, with the idea that you are a gift to the world – which is not arrogance, but a kind of humility – some really awesome things start happening with no effort of your own other than just paying attention.

It happens so much to me that I don’t bother writing about it here, as it’s usually a minor thing.

Today, though – two cool things:

One of my adult students plays jazz guitar and does vocals, and tonight said she wants me to join her sometime with her group to play violin. Deer in headlights look. She is fully aware I know classical only at this point. She wants to help me find my jazz and fiddling self, just an informal setting, a bunch of good people having fun, she said.

The other thing, while in Facebook, one of those annoying “Suggested Posts” came up. But this one almost made me fall out of my chair: Natalie McMaster will be performing not far from where I live. This is huge. She is a kind of role model for me as far as alternative styles of playing goes. 

Everything is conspiring against me ever going back to my pre-Lucy (expected) self.

I feel like someone regaining memory following amnesia. Ya know, that recognition of familiar but forgotten things.


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