Until this summer when I have my week of immersion in electric violin and rock I need to find other places to learn from.

On YouTube I found some great videos by Mei Ohara. She breaks things down to the most basic elements, easy to understand and try.

Since I was home for 44 hours straight, I studied these and tried them on my electric. There is so freakin much to learn. But so freakin fun. More than the Bruch concerto!

I’m like, are you kidding me? And laugh out loud.

Maybe I have too many goals, but each one leads to the others. Kinda like building a pyramid – not that I know what that’s like!  When you set the 4 corner stones they are so far apart, but as you build up row after row, they get closer together until they reach the point at the top.

That pretty much describes my 2015.

Another thing – one of my adult students plays jazz and rock on guitar and wants me to play with her and her group when she does these real informal gigs in bars. How cool is that?

I came across a quote of Richard Branson’s recently, something about when an opportunity comes up, say yes even if you don’t know how the hell to do it. You can always learn. This is that in action.


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