Release January, Plan February

A new month – time to review and plan.

January celebrations of goals achieved:

1) Found my business name

2) Created my website

3) Created Facebook page

4) Still growing my hair (is growing itself of course, but it is a goal nevertheless)

5) My VB fashion is evolving all the time. This is the part of VB I love the most – more than the violin stuff and biz, as it’s Lucy’s coming out from the shadows where I have kept her hidden. She is naughty, bold, and unapologetic. I so love her.

6) Posting more or less regularly here.

7) Went to a Broadway musical. No, didn’t play, just to see. But soaked it all in. Took some pictures of the pit. Want to be down there, even if to play just once.

8) Making physical progress so Lucy looks great in her leather stuff.

February plans:

1) Get at least five more students

2) Keep learning how to make my electric violin sound how it’s supposed to

3) Tweak my business website as well as Facebook page

4) Find other ways to get the word out about my business

5) Torture myself at the gym every day – or at least most days.

6) Continually remind myself who I really am.

Lots of other goals besides VB ones, but these will do for now.

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