Got My Audition Music!!

Got the audition music for rock school!!! There are three levels – Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro. The advanced is not terribly difficult – I need to work on it to play it perfectly, but nothing to sweat over.

Emailed asking for info for the pro group stuff. – reply – the music is still being written and they will send it out as soon as it’s done. Meanwhile, I’ll start working on what I have, as I have no idea what the pro group music is like. This is a completely new group, so no videos yet. How cool if I make it in, and am in the world premier concert!!!

Deadline to submit audition videos is June 1st, so tons of time to get it right.

There’s also a Blues scale to learn, but that’s real easy.

The music is all classical-based which is cool. I like the assumption that most camp musicians come from a classical background, and they teach us how to transition from that to rock. They understand where we’re coming from, like speaking the same language but learning a radical dialect.

Besides the two pieces, they want to see a 2- or 3 – minute long thing that we play very well to show our best playing. Can be classical, rock, improv, jazz – wherever it is we come from. Way cool!

Cannot wait to get the pro group music.

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