Every day, do something…….even if one step towards your dream. Things are moving in the right direction, and I never stop thinking of what’s the next best thing to do.

I’m a doer…..patience is not my thing…………I’ve been having to sit tight and wait for the right time for the right action. Even the best action can be a disaster if done too soon….or too late.

It’s these nuances that kick my ass.

I created a Facebook profile for my stage name…..yeah I think big, why the fuck not?? Time (there it is again) isn’t right yet to introduce this part of me, so am taking time to build up my profile and make it right. This is the website that will be linked to that FB name, since she…..I……am the Violin Bitch. I will have to tweak this site before sending it out also.

Perfectionism kicks my ass sometimes, but it is not procrastination. I have very few regrets with any project I’ve ever done because of my crazy planning.

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