VB is sometimes this for me. Where do you go, or what do you do when you need a retreat? VB is a concept where I can reset, regroup, and remember who I am, forget the facade.

Need it when life chucks a soccer ball at yous head? – it’s way too easy to revert to old ways of thinking and doing, when there is an entire being in us with all the resources we need.

The importance of knowing yourself and setting her/him free into the wild!

Lectric Violin


It’s finally happening –  am joining up next week with a guitarist (who I have yet to meet) at a rock school to see what my Lectric can do. Probably need to drop something so I have more practice time, concentrate my focus on electric.

Check back later to learn what went down!

Building (the verb)


It kills me to see dreams shatter this way – Let’s say there’s something you SO wanna to do, let’s say build your dream sanctuary, and you know it’s a totally strange thing but still you want to do it.

You finally find the person you need to help build it, someone who totally gets it. And you’re given all the resources you need. So you start building – you both all excited and jazzed, work is progressing, this is great, you’re loving it, no limits as you have everything you need.

Then at some point you stop working cause you realize that the limits are in yourself. Nothing pisses yourself off more than realizing you have everything you need but it’s pretty effin scary to do this. What do ya do then?

Dunno. Hasn’t happened to me, but I know it when I see it and just totally wish I could help, ya know?

Rock School Update

Warrior 2

After introducing myself twice (first to an employee, then the owner), asking for what I want – is this something we can do? – I got the call yesterday while I was out:

We have someone to teach you what you want to learn. Call back and we’ll schedule you.

That’s all I needed to hear.


Gothic Beauty

2015-03-21 21.53.43

Discovered and bought! The Law of Attraction at work – if you think it, you bring it.

I don’t like all versions of Goth – some sides seem more negative than others – but is interesting to explore.

Sexy, dangerous, mischievous, whimsical, fierce, dramatic.

Why do I like it? Cause I like the dark side of things. Happy clappy, sunshiny, bubbly is not me. I am positive and don’t tolerate negativity in others or myself, but happy seems superficial to me.

Darkness is where reality and passion and angst live, with no facade.

Just a Random Thought


The dark side of life isn’t such a bad thing; everything and everyone has a dark side.

I happen to find that part of others – everything really – the most fascinating. It’s not that I’m down or unhappy or serious.

I’m drawn to darkness because it’s…..real, not fluffy sunshine and happiness. If that makes me a seem like a downer….oh well! It resonates with me.

What’s that have to do with this picture? Intended to talk about loss and diverging paths but I couldn’t think of anything good to say.

Red Tent Revival

Red Tent 1

The Red Tent Revival starts tonight at 8pm EDT. Tap into your passions, sensuality, and inner warrior. It’s not about sex so much as living a life of passion.

It starts tonight for the next 5 days. Join me! Comments welcome.


To Feel Good About


Have extra time lately so I can (and am) playing violin more for fun, not just practice, and reading all the books I bought in the past year or two but never got to, about things I want to explore. Art supplies waiting for my creativity.

And thinking.

And writing.

And planning.

And doing.

Nothing dutiful allowed.

Rock School

Went into a rock school last night, find out things. They don’t teach rock violin, just the usual band stuff.

Talked to the owner – can a guitar teacher mentor me? Supposed to get back to me if so as the electronics are the same – if no one can/will then ask around, get the word out at least.

Is both good and bad I can’t find a rock violin teacher. Means there is a huge need for them – at the same time, I need one to mentor me! Plan B!

I will keep asking! I intend to be a pain in the ass until I find the person I need.

Plan C – will ask a guitar teacher at one of the schools where I teach if she can show me the electronics.

Plan A (Rock Camp) – had to be scrapped for this year for non-negotiable reasons.

Plan D – ask my (classical) teacher who she knows.

Never, never, never give up!

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