Building (the verb)


It kills me to see dreams shatter this way – Let’s say there’s something you SO wanna to do, let’s say build your dream sanctuary, and you know it’s a totally strange thing but still you want to do it.

You finally find the person you need to help build it, someone who totally gets it. And you’re given all the resources you need. So you start building – you both all excited and jazzed, work is progressing, this is great, you’re loving it, no limits as you have everything you need.

Then at some point you stop working cause you realize that the limits are in yourself. Nothing pisses yourself off more than realizing you have everything you need but it’s pretty effin scary to do this. What do ya do then?

Dunno. Hasn’t happened to me, but I know it when I see it and just totally wish I could help, ya know?

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