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2015-04-08 17.10.05

Learned some new cool shit. My teacher/mentor is a guitarist, Paul. Around 60, he’s been around, seems to know his stuff. After our first session of getting on the same page with what I want to do, we got to work this week.

Last time he gave me a list of songs to listen to, all kinds of music. The exposure I’m getting to music and bands/performers I never knew about is valuable, not mainstream stuff, although some is.

The song that excited me most is Time (Pink Floyd) – the guitar solo alone is just mind-blowing. I happened to be hanging out again at Barnes and Noble – remember my previous post on that!! haha yes I’ve been having a tough time still but there is light – and happened on a book called “The 100 Best Guitar Solos of All Time” – music and tabs! And Time is in it.

Are you kidding me?? I can mine this book the rest of my life.

At our session this week Paul played the chord progressions while I played the melody. Holy shit, how cool was that! I was really nervous to be honest – this is so outside my comfort zone, which is exactly what I want.

He told me how cool he thinks this is, teaching a violinist rock, and that he is honored and humbled that I am willing to do this with him. I said are you kidding? I am the one honored that he would take me on as it’s very outside the box.

The most rewarding parts of life are not inside the box, anyway. Create your own thing that works.

Anyway, he then whipped out a wah-wah pedal and hooked me up. That was amazing.

He wants to teach me improvisation, and some other electronics starting next week. I was honest in letting him know my areas of inexperience – there are plenty I don’t even know of yet.

He recommended I get a Dark Side of the Moon CD.

I’ll be happy to get a little confidence in me.

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