After waiting a month, the Metallica music I ordered came. Took forever but I transcribed the melody of Time that is written in the bass line into treble clef. Tedious but done.

Putting it aside for now –  focus on One.

Have had to shed one of my classical things that doesn’t make money for me.

I have to tell you this story as it made me seriously laugh (?!):

after an orchestra rehearsal last week I was in an elevator with two other musicians. One asked me how my lectric violin lessons were going, I said great! It’s different, cool, exciting, fun. I said it makes classical feel so boring now.

One got all indignant, saying well I don’t know about that! The Russian Easter Festival Overture (that we’re playing) is pretty challenging! The other agreed with a silent but vigorous nod.

Challenging has its place, but ain’t the same as “fun.” Poor things think they’re having a great time.

Oh, wait……that was me not long ago.

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