An Empty Room Has Great Acoustics (Am Trying Hard at Optimism).

2015-04-19 15.55.14 HDR

I played in this church today, a concert I was very reluctant to do since it was kind of far in a place I had never been. But it ended up being easy to get to, and the concert went well.

My stand partner and I were cracking up from the very first piece we played, God Bless America. Well, the rest of the orchestra was playing the version in D. My stand partner and I however somehow had the old version in F. Lucky for us it was short and easy to fake. I don’t know what she did, but I just improvised the melody and I guess no one noticed. I had a session of barely-concealed hilarity.

Our conductor was cranky during rehearsal and the early part of the concert but by the end, a complete turnaround. Typical conductor, right?

Music aside, I still feel derailed, as I have since January.  As happy and perfect as 2014 was for me, 2015 has been a complete shit hole. Am still trying to understand what happened. Maybe karma is working its dark magic on me.

I hope my posts haven’t been a downer. I am no good at bullshit – faking happy clappy –  or anything for that matter is not my style.

I had fully intended to leave this orchestra because I just can’t commit to the necessary practice for their usual ambitious programs. And being Principle of the 2nd violins carries way too many expectations of perfection.

Two of the mucky-mucks of the orchestra asked me today to please reconsider, The conductor asked me, what can he say to convince me to stay? I said pick easier music haha, but we talked a bit, and came up with a workable solution.

So I’m still with them…………

The other thing………there are always negative and positive reactions to shit.

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