It’s a funny thing when two accomplished musicians – guitarist and violinist – can sit down and not know what the fuck the other is talking about.

For example ~ last night at my electric violin lesson, P. was teaching me improvisation. Of all playing, this is the area I am most weak in. I literally cannot play a damn thing except the simplest of tunes without music in front of me.

So he rattles off let’s play something in Ionian mode, F# major. Just play triads, we’ll go through the chord progressions, 1st, 3rd, 5th, tonic etc.

On paper, I can work that out, sure. But he can whip through it all as easily as breathing.

Here’s the thing ~ I think in key signatures, like ok – F# major has 6 sharps ~ run through what each scale note is in my bogged – down classical head.

Guitarists and pianists think in chords, therefore hand shapes and finger patterns. P. used a term for that but I can’t recall what it is now.

I can’t come up with an analogy to describe the disconnect between guitar language and violin language. Which I suppose is the same as rock vs. classical.

My mission is to build a bridge between both worlds. Translation!

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