It Won’t Let Go

Last Friday I totally intended to make it my last classical violin lesson. Been trying to let go of some classical endeavors to make room for more rock.

I already told you what happened a couple weeks ago when I tried to leave one of the orchestras.

I wanted to end classical lessons for now since….well…..I’m taking violin lessons from two different teachers, and isn’t that quite enough to prepare for each?

Concentrate on rock for a while as I have much more to learn there.

So I told my teacher that I am failing miserably in my preparations for her lessons. The Bach E Major Partita I wanted to learn has gone untouched since the last lesson since I just hadn’t been able to get to it.

The Bruch Concerto I told you about months ago, I never finished learning the first movement for the same reason. I play in three orchestras and a string quartet. Performances to prepare for! And I teach, and work a few hours every day.

So my dear teacher reminded me that what I learn in my lessons needs to be applied to ALL my music, not just the special things I choose to work on but will likely never perform.

This is why she is my teacher, you see?

What an obligation lifted. So I am continuing with lessons, and working with her on whatever I’m already playing but is a pain in my ass.

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