Freeway Jam

My mentor P. has me learning Freeway Jam. This whole electric violin experience has loosened me up musically, brought music and musicians to my table that I never knew of. How can this be? For all the knowledge and experience my music degree has brought me, it is merely a slice of the spectrum.

I’ve had to shake off the the restrictions and rules of the classical world. Play by ear without music in front of me. Feel and respond to mood, tempo, dynamics from the inside rather than a printed page. Get more intimate with my instrument by focusing on my hands rather than a printed page. (And since I am very visual, it’s easy to pick out a tune on a piano than a violin, not having any points of reference).

Rock is organic; classical is intellectual. Neither is “better,” just different.

P. put it this way: that I need to shed my classical skin. He has been incredibly patient with me trying to learn his language. We laugh sometimes at the communication barrier.

The more I know, the more I need to learn. I am absolutely fascinated by this other world, and it really is like another planet. The things that music is capable of never stop amazing me.

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