Electrify Your Strings

The thing I continue to find crippling when it comes to playing rock (or any other style that requires improvisation i.e. fiddle, blues, jazz, fusion etc – rock happens to be my focus) is a “read-only” approach to playing.

It’s the great gift and biggest weakness of “classical” musicians.

My mentor is trying to teach me improv from a guitarists perspective, which is mind-expanding and teaches me SO much I never learned before. But I’m still not “getting” it.

I do realize how silly that must seem, but it’s the whole approach that I’m trying to change.

Mark Wood totally gets the issue; as a Juilliard grad he knows the classical shackles and the key to break free.

I found this book by him – Electrify Your Strings, a key of sorts to open the door to rock. It is mine as of today, and I can’t wait to devour it this weekend!

Don’t think for a second that I idolize MW – all I want is to open up the rock world so I can bring students along on an exciting ride. He happens to be the one with all the answers.

Rock violin, an exciting ride indeed!

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