Zipping Them Up

Days fly by.

Decided it was time to call it quits with my mentor. Gonna miss our weekly sessions, but I learned as much as I could from him. He taught me a ton of things, like improvising, finger shapes, playing without music, the rock world, effects (electronic toys), pentatonic scales and modes, and on and on.

He told me about a recording studio nearby for when I’m ready for it.

Talked about the organic process of taking things to the next level by finding other like~minded musicians.

So my next plan is to work through a set of music and recordings that I have, specifically for rock violin.


Everything moves too damn slow. I want to be playing on stage NOW with a band, dammit! Rock Orchestra Camp ~ remember I was going? ~ would have been exactly what I need,  but am not able to this year.

So what does a violin chick do? Gets resourceful. My goal by the end of this year is to be able to play respectable rock stuff. Something specific ~ something barely achievable.

Ya can’t have open ~ ended goals. Those are just dreams. A certain thing by a certain date.

Check back here for my next post. Sheeeeaaaaatttt!!


2015-06-13 18.53.07

Goals and dreams are an ever-evolving process of refinement. First the vision of what you want ~ then plan how to get there or make it come to you ~ and since there’s no way of predicting which seeds will germinate, you gotta just scatter them all. Then concentrate on the most productive seedlings.

This year put me in a death spiral (think helicopter with no tail rotor), lost my closest ally (why? who the fuck knows); as well as money and car disasters. Still, no one got physically hurt and I’ve pretty much recovered. Am at the point now where I can look ahead with hope again.

I was inspired to get out my dog-eared copy of this book that has given me so much, no matter how many times I read it. I’m in a different place mentally each time, so it speaks to me in different ways.

Leave behind fears and presumptions

The world is a better place when you express your creative divinity

You’ve created every part of your present life even if it’s a mess. Simply choose to create something different if you don’t like the way things are.

Don’t waste your emotions on being angry ~ upset ~ blaming ~ resentful ~ victimized

Use your current situation as a launchpad

I have become a control freak!

Focus on what you want to create, not your problems

Start by asking yourself what do you need? What’s missing? Are you overlooking the obvious? What is depressing you? What are you not experiencing that you want to?

Every day I do what I can that day to move forward in my dream of playing rock violin in a band.

Every day I try being a little healthier and a little younger than the day before.

Every day I open myself to connectedness with my spirit and the universe (i.e. intentions)

Every day I work at understanding my niche in life

Every day I try to be open to serendipitous connections that propel me towards where I need to be while helping others to do the same


Holy heck ~ I don’t play as well as I thought I did!

Been learning one~ and two~ octave minor pentatonic scales in 8th notes and 16th notes. These, according to ~ well ~ everyone ~ is a foundation of rock.

Today’s exercise (not yet attempted) is playing the above fast enough to call them riffs.

Didn’t even know what the eff a riff was till recently.

Laugh if you must (I am!). Hold on for the ride!

To Be a Complete Bitch

This is my tenth month of blogging as Violin Bitch. It’s all about transformation as illustrated in the cover photo. The chick in the chair vs the one in the mirror. Same chick, different expressions.

The final frontier is physical transformation ~ despite making considerable changes in my appearance over the past two years, unless I take the final step, I’ll remain stuck as someone who could easily, say, apply for a job as a librarian or school teacher.

Librarians and school teachers are awesome people! My point is, deep down, I am not the conservative chick I appear to be.

What will it take? Stop playing it safe. Here I go!!

Hey! Maybe I’ll write the Violin Bitch’s Guide to Being Your Authentic Self ~ the world needs you to be you! 

images   vs   imgres

Extremes yes. Just making sure you get the point.


Last night with my teacher/mentor, I was able to do something new…..improvise!

I mentioned in a recent post about figuring out finger patterns to play in different keys, right? So my teacher jammed in Am while I just played an improvised tune. Well, it was pretty amazing!

I couldn’t help feeling a little giddy. Recall I’m the one who cannot play without music in front of me (“classically trained” and all that bullshit).

But I did it! This is a huge step towards my dream of playing rock violin. First door opened.

I just discovered this dude, what I am aiming for:

I have a lot of loosening up to do. I feel a little silly playing and acting different but it’s a process without end.


A couple of breakthroughs!:

I learned the value of frets on a violin.

Guaranteed playing in tune ~ especially valuable when performing with a rock band and you can’t even hear yourself.

A visual template for the spatially impaired (like yours truly Violin Bitch), which helps orienting when improvising and composing.

Finger patterns become relevant with a background or grid to follow.

I just unlocked the door that’s been holding me back. I knew it!!

Don’t yet have a fretted violin, BUT I found some that can be added to an existing fingerboard. Ordered, anticipating receipt!

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