To Be a Complete Bitch

This is my tenth month of blogging as Violin Bitch. It’s all about transformation as illustrated in the cover photo. The chick in the chair vs the one in the mirror. Same chick, different expressions.

The final frontier is physical transformation ~ despite making considerable changes in my appearance over the past two years, unless I take the final step, I’ll remain stuck as someone who could easily, say, apply for a job as a librarian or school teacher.

Librarians and school teachers are awesome people! My point is, deep down, I am not the conservative chick I appear to be.

What will it take? Stop playing it safe. Here I go!!

Hey! Maybe I’ll write the Violin Bitch’s Guide to Being Your Authentic Self ~ the world needs you to be you! 

images   vs   imgres

Extremes yes. Just making sure you get the point.

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