WARNING!! Do NOT Feed the Narcissist!

I am an empath. Which basically means I feel others’ pain and am able to see things through their brains. I am a healer, and feel that by trying to heal the wounded, there’s peace on Earth.

I also end up in toxic relationships with needy and draining men. They always start out great, just the man I was looking for. RIGHT.

So when I came across this article The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath and a Narcissist, well it got me.

This certainly explains a lot – that a narcissist will easily walk away from the relationship once they realize they’ve lost their ability to control the empath. It’s not fun for them anymore. Well fuck me ~ once I show my claws they do take off!

And I thought it was for a bad reason. HA!!

A pattern? You mean this is common with empaths? ROOOAAARRRR!!

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