Back when I started VB I considered announcing to the world my intentions (see Where I’m Headed). I thought it would be cool for those who know me to get excited about it all, even though almost all of my ~ transformation ~ there must be a better word for the process of shedding the extraneous to reveal the essence ~ has been internal so far.

So it comes across as a lot of yapping and no riding.

Thats fine for me ~ it’s my process and timeline, and I am absolutely sincere in everything I write. Some people seem to change overnight, some take a lifetime.

I learned that to share your intentions without discretion is like taking your cookies out of the oven after a couple minutes. Even though you have a fully ~ formed vision of where you’re headed, it will come off as half-baked, and you will too.

I’ve had time to think about a lot of things this past week. One of my revelations was that your most supportive and enthusiastic friends can become impatient and accusatory if you’re not moving as fast as they think you should be. No one wants to be put on the defensive by criticism and tearing down, even in the name of support. And of course you should never trust just anyone.

I’ve written about this in previous posts, how support comes from surprising places. So does negativity.

No one knows better than you, your process, and the last thing you want for your tender dreams is to get burned by well ~ meaning and enthusiastic friends pouring on too much weed killer.

So ~ I am going to keep posting  my mental dumps here, but not posting my progress so much on Facebook as I used to, until something concrete happens.

Imagine how cool it will be to jump onto the stage, fully formed. SHAZAAM!!! BAZINGA!!!

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