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As usual, my passion is tempting me take on new opportunities. If you’ve been following VB, you already know about the erotic novel in the works, Playing Wild. That’s heating up about a chapter a week. It’s turning into quite the scorcher!

I’m also digging deeper into my right brain, learning more about spiritual, woo-woo. Hey, I always said there’s more to things than we think we know.

If that weren’t enough, I’m setting up a new business website. Am opening up more of myself, which is scary as shit. But I can’t let worrying about rejection get to me. Every day I work a little more on my site, which is coming out very awesomly.

I’ve joined a worldwide group of creative women who have a goal of serving the world with our gifts. This group has opened up a humongous door in so many ways.

I also ditched my old violin teaching site for one that is more “me,” with the intention to bring a better vibe to my violin world.

My Facebook page continues to take care of itself with its erotic images and stuff.

And of course in between all this shit I’m playing (violin) and learning how I can do the above better. I just want to create abundance through making the world a pretty damn good place with me being me.

Perfectionism In Art is an Oxymoron.


I want to bring awareness to a mindset that is counterproductive for people as well as our world ~ the belief that your art is unworthy unless it’s a Picasso or Rembrandt, Beethoven or Mozart, Shakespeare or Joyce.

My father’s dream was to be an opera singer. It’s the reason he came to the US. But his teachers told him sorry, you’re not cut out for opera, so he abandoned his music.  He was a talented artist in oil painting, but teachers said sorry you’re not a John Constable. So he abandoned his painting. He had a way with words, with an impressive vocabulary and grammar skills. He could have been a writer. He loved acting, but by this time he had to get a “real” job, so gave that up. It’s not that he was a perfectionist. He was discouraged from the get-go because artistic expression was viewed as a kind of competition with “the best.”

I’m grateful every single day that he passed on his artistic traits to me. I am far from superlative. I know I’m not, nor will ever come close to a Joshua Bell or Mark Wood or Hilary Hahn in the violin world. But I do my damndest to play my best.

You see, art of any kind ~ music, acting, painting, jewelry making, architecture, whatever ~ isn’t about being the best or being perfect.  It’s about being you, making the world a little more tolerable with your talents, in the place where you are.

Be you. Do you. We need you! You need you.

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Your Dark Side is Knocking


Yin gets a bad rap ~







Judgements, right? Pretty much everything has yin and yang components. Without one, there’d be no concept of the other. How about if we consider both equally beautiful and acceptable. I’m talking about your yin, and mine, and everyone else’s ~




north side






…..for starters.

The “dark” side isn’t evil or degenerate. It just is. Maybe we’ve only decided that certain parts are unacceptable. Suppose we assume both parts are equally valid? How would your perception of yourself change?

I’m not talking about good vs evil here. That’s another matter entirely.  I’m talking about things you really really like about yourself but are afraid to unleash because then you’d need to take some kind of action. A burning desire to explore, that kind of thing.

Just a thought. My website and page Violin Bitch is my action. More next time!

When Life Gives You T-Shirts, Make a Bustier


This meme inspired me to talk about goal motivation.

Maybe it’s me but I don’t think so. Maybe life has dished out some consistently rotten experiences. Maybe you’ve subconsciously made certain choices that haven’t turned out so well. Maybe you reacted by promising yourself “no more.”

But there’s always a stupid hope that wakes when you unintentionally meet someone who changes your mind. You are enticed. You believe that “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” It takes every bit of your shaky courage to enter that goddam cave. You find the treasure box. You open the lid…….

…..and there’s nothing inside but a fucking rubber duckey.

Well guess what, Toots? You believe you need someone else to make your life complete and exciting? How’s that working out for you?? I thought so. Listen up cause I ain’t gonna repeat it ~

You don’t need jack shit from anyone. No one, and I mean NO ONE, will love you and turn you on and excite you anywhere near how you will feel once you have gone through the “becoming” of your true, authentic, soulful self. 

All you need is inside you. Anyone else you elevate to that role will disappoint, disappear, dissipate, devastate.

My lover is the Violin Bitch because she is me. How the fuck is THAT for goal motivation?

Who’s hiding inside you?

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