Perfectionism In Art is an Oxymoron.


I want to bring awareness to a mindset that is counterproductive for people as well as our world ~ the belief that your art is unworthy unless it’s a Picasso or Rembrandt, Beethoven or Mozart, Shakespeare or Joyce.

My father’s dream was to be an opera singer. It’s the reason he came to the US. But his teachers told him sorry, you’re not cut out for opera, so he abandoned his music.  He was a talented artist in oil painting, but teachers said sorry you’re not a John Constable. So he abandoned his painting. He had a way with words, with an impressive vocabulary and grammar skills. He could have been a writer. He loved acting, but by this time he had to get a “real” job, so gave that up. It’s not that he was a perfectionist. He was discouraged from the get-go because artistic expression was viewed as a kind of competition with “the best.”

I’m grateful every single day that he passed on his artistic traits to me. I am far from superlative. I know I’m not, nor will ever come close to a Joshua Bell or Mark Wood or Hilary Hahn in the violin world. But I do my damndest to play my best.

You see, art of any kind ~ music, acting, painting, jewelry making, architecture, whatever ~ isn’t about being the best or being perfect.  It’s about being you, making the world a little more tolerable with your talents, in the place where you are.

Be you. Do you. We need you! You need you.

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