What’s Shakin’


As usual, my passion is tempting me take on new opportunities. If you’ve been following VB, you already know about the erotic novel in the works, Playing Wild. That’s heating up about a chapter a week. It’s turning into quite the scorcher!

I’m also digging deeper into my right brain, learning more about spiritual, woo-woo. Hey, I always said there’s more to things than we think we know.

If that weren’t enough, I’m setting up a new business website. Am opening up more of myself, which is scary as shit. But I can’t let worrying about rejection get to me. Every day I work a little more on my site, which is coming out very awesomly.

I’ve joined a worldwide group of creative women who have a goal of serving the world with our gifts. This group has opened up a humongous door in so many ways.

I also ditched my old violin teaching site for one that is more “me,” with the intention to bring a better vibe to my violin world.

My Facebook page continues to take care of itself with its erotic images and stuff.

And of course in between all this shit I’m playing (violin) and learning how I can do the above better. I just want to create abundance through making the world a pretty damn good place with me being me.

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