“People Have An October As Well”

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October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year. People have an October as well.

~ Jim Storm

That wasn’t what I intended to write about today, but it reflects Violin Bitch’s vibe about being real and revealing our genuine selves.

Since I last posted, I set up a “sacred” work space for myself. Sacred because it’s for one purpose only….to grow my dreams of letting myself out… to try to make a better life for myself and others.

I’m trying to come out of the Bitch closet!

So my work space is this smoked glass and chrome desk that I’ve had about ten years. It was in my bedroom all along, but I moved it into my upstairs living room where it looks pretty good. The sun shines on it, making it all sparkly and shit.

Sitting on it are only things that move my life in the direction I’m going:

~ Passion Planner that I need for mapping out goals and daily steps

~ a book “1000 Fonts” for hand-lettering

~ “Little Black Book of Scales” for electric violin improvisation

~ thesaurus for blog and website posts

~ hole punch, Scotch tape, Hobbit sword, huge eraser, pens

~ two books on Tarot, plus a deck ~ I’m learning about it

~ rainbow colored markers for writing in the Passion Planner

~ a plethora of art books ~ Zentangle, Making Pearls by Jeanne Carbonetti (she was my high school English teacher,  and I was absolutely enamored of her when she was Miss Leonie. I was equally enamored of another of my English teachers, Mr. Carbonetti. I learned years later that they ended up marrying each other! Interesting, huh? I got in touch with her a few years ago because she was featured in a Yankee Magazine article, and she sent this book to me!), “Mixed Media Techniques in Art Journaling,” “Naughty Words For Nice Writers” (not that I actually need that, but there might be words even I’ve never heard), “Thinking Like a Romance Writer”

~  a tote filled with lettering supplies, a box filled with pastels, a binder with notes and printouts for “Playing Wild”

~ this gorgeous journal I picked up at Barnes & Nobel in which I record my Tarot notes (it was an indulgence…but hey)

Other things that have happened the past two weeks ~ learning all about growing my business through the academy I joined. It’s so wonderful to join with a large group of like-minded chicks who lift each other up. I just really click with them. They’re unconventional in the same ways I am, and that is wonderful. Thanks to the internet, we are all over the world. Also thanks to the internet, my business could not exist.

So back to the title, my intentions are working on revealing my real colors, one leaf at a time. I was a green leaf for five decades. Now here’s my vibrant self! Let it color the world.

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