Another Goal Done!

For years I’ve been hooked on Pepsi One and Coke Zero. Like how people need smokes I suppose. I drove out of state recently, and one of my priorities was making sure I had a supply of Zero’s (Pepsi discontinued One) in the car. Seriously, I do sweat over what I’d do if I run out.

So on this last trip, I decided to just give it up. My last bottle of that shit was on the trip back home. “Someday” isn’t a day of the week, ya idjit! (I said to myself).

But really, diet soda is addictive for some reason, I’ve heard that anyway. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except for the reported health issues it creates concerns me, especially as one is at a certain age when good health doesn’t just happen anymore without help.

I don’t know what aspartame does exactly to your bod, but trust me…just because the FDA approves something as safe doesn’t mean diddly squat.

Anecdotal evidence agrees with my issues, especially constant painful leg muscles – my legs hurt like shit the same way they get stiff, only it’s more than stiff – they hurt. My arms are the same way – the big muscles hurt when I move my arms. For someone who makes her living playing violin, that’s damn scary.

Some parts of my feet have become permanently numb. Then over the past year +, my hands go numb unless I hold my arms in a certain position. It happens while playing violin. Scary.

Some of the damage caused by Aspartame is to the nerves, so I have to wonder if that’s the reason, and is it reversible?

All I know is, since being Aspartame-free for almost two weeks, my leg muscles, while stiff, don’t hurt! My new strategy is drinking seltzer and (shocking!) plain water.

If you drink diet soda regularly, ditching it will make you feel better!

One goal at a time.

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