There’s this mountain in China ~ Mount Hua Shan. At the top, there’s a teahouse:


Suppose the one place you need to be in life is this tea house. And suppose the only way to get there is to climb the Heavenly Stairs:

images                   one

Then you have to take this gondola:


Finally, you must walk this plank path:

images  images

To reach this tea house:


Whatever your life goals are, shit is gonna get scary and intimidating. The higher your goals, the more you’re gonna have to go through to get there.

People get in your way, you pass some frozen in terror. Others fly by having the time of their lives. Some slip and fall, and you have no choice but let them go.

But it’s your fucking tea house. So you plan, strategize, learn the challenges from those who’ve been there. Strengthen your arms and legs. Watch the weather.

Right now, on this day, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I’m crawling along the plank part of the trail, trying to not look down. I’m on my own now, scared shitless; while I was looking the other way, my trail partner wasn’t there anymore. Yeah, it fucking hurts. They gave me the courage to walk this path. We were making the journey together. But I guess it wasn’t their’s to make.

So one day, you go. You just do it. And keep doing it every damn day.


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