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Ya want to know something about my past you don’t know?

I was a fake. I lived out roles. Pretended to be someone I wasn’t. Because, like so many of us, my authenticity was kicked to the curb.

Assertive? Angry? Sassy? Question everything? Call you out? Disobedient? Always thinking? Bossy? Too smart for my own good? Receptive?

All those things were metaphorically beat out of me until I was a simpering bowl of mush.

I used to be depressed, had chronic headaches, zero self-esteem. And why not? I was stuck inside myself. Everything that made me…me…was a crime.

I finally shed all authority figures mid-2013. I’m out of the metaphorical self-esteem, self-bashing, apologetic, prople-pleasing closet.If you’re in one, I know how it is.

A side effect of living behind a mask –  it prevents you from building your tribe, your circle of friends that supports you. Because they don’t know you.

Gathering friends into your life is about opening the doors to let people come in and see what’s there.

So join me in yelling out loud, This is me. These are my gifts.




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