I’ve Done It

Went and scheduled a photo shoot for myself for this summer on my birthday.

I can’t think of anything more fucking fun than having makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers primp me up and then take beautiful shots.

I’m having three kinds…professional with my violin, edgy like the above photo (no, that’s NOT me), and maybbudoir.

What the hell, it was hammered into me well into adulthood that I was ugly and stupid. WRONG! I am beautiful and intelligent. I was around the wrong people. A swan among ducks.

I’ve set out over the past 2 1/2 years to prove them ALL wrong.

This photo shoot will be my ultimate FUUUUUCK YOU, assholes!!

Then it gets better. I will use those ass-kicking photos to my advantage to get playing gigs, teaching, anywhere leather + violin = check that bitch OUT!

If you’re so on fire then, why wait till summer?

Good question, thanks for asking.

Because my hair needs to be still longer, and styled a certain way for my taste. I love long, messy, red hair.

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