Never, Never, Never Throw It Away.

As I approach a “certain age” it makes me actually sad to see people I know, only a year or two older than me, decide they’re “old,” and therefore shut down life and slide into decline.

Holy fuckface! What the fuckety fuck?? Why??

I’m just getting my chops. I wouldn’t give up right now for anything! So many things to do….drive across country in a camper, ride on a motorcycle, launch my successful business, read the 500 books on my list!

They say things like that’s fine for you, I can’t because [……….].  Well hell. All you have to do is find someone to teach you how to do whatever and you’re on your way. At the beginning of this year, I was clueless about website design (by that I don’t mean a blog like this….I’m talking about a full-on, high-end site), hosting, optimization, SEOs. I looked around and found someone to teach me. And guess what? I’ve almost completed my home page.  Riding a motorcycle…..I never have, don’t even know anyone who has one, but I’ll make it happen somehow. Ride across country….probably not this year yet, but it’s on my list.

Leave those old farts to their misery. I’m just getting started!

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