Sex & Poetry. Win-Win. 

The Bitch has always loved writing poetry. Now, to spice things up a bit with erotic poetry. 

I need your eyes on me 


fast breath, wet skin







I’m hooked on

making you sweat and pant

I am so wet

I never told you

what I do

after we talk

when you’re absent from me

fire turns wild

without control

my dreams tortured me last night

your tongue made love to me

do you dream too?

I wonder if you remember

the first time

you said you wanted me

In the coffee shop

thinking of our last time

I avert my eyes

your disappointments are the wind

tangling your gorgeous hair.

it makes you looks so beautiful

my love, so beautiful

I squeeze your slippery, soaking fruit

I know is a manchineel


between us

is hot and sensual

offer yourself in small pieces

or I shall choke

swallowing you whole

a dream

wet with lust

pants beneath you

your tongue inside me

filling me

with your words



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