live performance

photo by Violin Bitch

live performance

a poetic version of live video

unrehearsed, with only a loose idea of structure

no cuts; naked on a stage

my offering, without reserve

unscripted, directorless, without props

one limelight overhead discloses my shadows.

applause and bouquets…

i need neither

i’ve strode onto the stark stage

out of utterly dark wings

facing my audience

of past lovers and haters…and the indifferent

to perform my soul story


my song sung

you will all know me if it kills me

so when you talk about me later





Violin Bitch


Complete Freedom

Find someone you can be completely

free with;



emotionally, physically,

and cosmically,

and go fucking WILD. ॐ ❤

From Sageword

She Is the Source of Your Primal Desires

“A wild woman is not a girlfriend. She is a relationship with nature. She is the source of all your primal desires, and she is the wild whipping wind that uproots the poisonous corn stalks on your neatly tilled farm. She will plant pear trees in the wake of your disaster. She will see to it that you shall rise again.”
~ Alison Nappi Author // #RebelleClassics

Question Everything You Ever Were Taught

……about life


relationship rules


who you are

how to dress….act…..think.

Because you know what? Those things you were taught came from adults who lived in a different world than you do now. They may have been gospel truth a generation or two ago, but they don’t serve you as the unique individual that you are.

We are not massed-produced albums of music. We have to write our own songs. 

And that pretty much pissed me off when I figured it out. It’s like holding onto the owner’s manual of your first car and expecting it to apply to your current one. The only thing they have in common are four wheels, for shit’s sake.

Me? Im not so unique. But I question everything because things stopped working. Maybe they never worked, but I’m just now seeing it.

For example:

I was raised to be a metaphorical nun, when in reality I’m more like a Joan Jett. Fuck that shit. The one thing we cannot change is the reality of who we are. But we can shed the old skin.

Religion…question it. There’s no one right answer. It’s a spiritual path. Truth is inside you.  Just find it. It’s your Kevlar vest.

Money….it’s a different society than when we were taught. Rules have changed. Be smart, use your left brain, and stick to your goals.

Relationships…..whatever works for you. Manage your expectations. Get on the same page. Think outside the box. Don’t let your parents, or your memory of them, live through you, especially when guilt is involved. Did I say, think outside the box? 

Now go, and be you. 

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